Thursday, February 17, 2011

Little Sweet Gracie

Gracie is totally the opposite of Jessica.  They play really well together but their personality is totally different.  Where Jessica is sweet and a little shy, Gracie is sweet and a little more outgoing.  Gracie talks constantly and has all these cute little ways of saying things. 

I know you've probably noticed that I used the same back ground on 2 different scrapbook pages.  Here's the thing.  Each page will go into a different book for a different child.  Each page captures the personality of my child.  And...yes, they do deserve their own book, their own page, but why totally re-invent the wheel?  If you've got a great page, why not change it up ever so slightly and duplicate the page? 


Anonymous said...

Pages in scrapbooks well done and repeated among books shared to different individuals demonstrates treating each with timely attention to highlight specific events or traits during those time spans. You are on top of your scrapbooking better thank most. Yeah! Gracie and Jessica will be so thankful for your attention when memory lane sneaks in from eon to eon.
From our researching wartime persons, places, events, coordinating passages of troops and special detachments, those matching papers would have placed more people in the proper order as someone later took time to shread or burn records thinking the info was sensitive. It was/ is now that proving who was assigned where has become very important to so many troops. Your paper match and dates with place or event details even fabric types may be of help to someone else one day sooner than anyone may realize. You go girl!
Keep Looking UP!

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