Friday, January 28, 2011

My friends cards...

My friends cards....

(January 28, 2011)

Now first of all, I need to be totally upfront with and tell you that these cards are not my creations.  These cards are from some really special friends of mine.  Some I've met in real life and others I've just met in cyvber-space.  Still, over the last couple of years, they have proven to like me for who and what I am!  Now that's some special friends!!  Let me show you some of their cards!!

 This card above and below were created by my friend Trina Caraway.  Trina (aka Pepesmom) has a blog called Stamps and Whiskers.  Be sure to take a minute and visit her blog.  I know she would love to hear what you think about her projects.

The card above was created by my friend Janice Adams aka Doxiejan on Stampin Addicts.  I love the clean style of this card!  Be sure to visit Janice's gallery on Stampin Addicts. 

This card above is striking to me.  It was created by my friend Mary Rindal.  She used a technique called emerging color which I think is so cool.  I know Mary would love to know what you think of this card.  Please visit Mary (aka MaryR)  on her Stampin Addicts gallery.

And...this last card was created by my friend Sara Kobe.  Love, love this stamp set.  I don't know if you can tell, but I think she used dazzling diamonds for the frosting on the cupcakes.  Pretty cute, huh?  Please tell Sara how much you love this card.  You can visit Sara (aka Inkymom) on her gallery at Stampin Addicts.


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