Saturday, January 15, 2011

More from Leadership

This little card below was really hard.  I know...I's looks so simple and pityful, right?  We'll here's the story.  We (the table at Leadership) were given a limited number of supplies.  The colors of cardstock, ribbon, buttons, etc., didn't really match and if it did match, it was totally monochrome. make a long story short we had to come up with a card using those colors.  Our table had 7 or 8 membes.  Out of all the cards, we then chose one card for competition and one card to go to the Ronald McDonald house.  We didn't win.  Still I can show you my card, just remember the supplies were limited!  And....check out the pop-up glue dot in the bottom right corner.

 The bottom two cards were also made at Leadership and they were made by Stampin' Up! staff.  Hmmm....I guess you can tell they were on the "big" screen?  Check out how they used the fabric!  Love, love, love it!!!


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