Friday, January 14, 2011

Leadership Projects...

Let me show you some Leadership projects!  These projects were shown on the big screen at Governor's Ball.  I'm sure you're going to want the fabric after you see these totally adorable projects.

Okay, is this not the most adorable flower??  It's just 3 strips of Sew Suite fabic cut into narrow widths, folded in half, a hole punched and then a designer button.  Oh....and then attached to a die cut tag!  Now, how cute is that???

Alrighty, now this project above is just a little more intense.  It doesn't require sewing but if you can sew...wahoo!!!  When you open this little book/folder up, all you see is a simple sewing kit.  So cute, huh???

Be My Valentine Box

Fill this adorable Valentine's box with love!  (But don't forget the chocolate.)  Make one for your true Valentine or twenty for your child's class -- the Big Shot makes it so easy! know you'll be the hit of the day!
For a list of supplies needed for this project, click here.

This little sweet (get it....Sew Sweet), thing has got to be my most favorite 3D thingy that Stampin' Up! viewed on the big screen.  Its' a pin cushion.  Inside that pin cushion is just an old pair of knee-hi nylons.  Absoutely, no sewing required to make this sweet project!

 The tee-towels above were on a wall of projects that Stampin' Up! had created.  Aren't these towels adorable? 

Well, I can honestly say that this is probably my most favorite project using the new fabric!  Love it!!  I think this one is close to my heart becase 1) I acutally like to sew when I can find the time 2) It reminds me of something my grandma would make.  Lovely, just lovely!

Oh and just when I though the aprons was my most favorite, Stampin' Up! show us this litte adorabe sachet.  This fabic is the Sew Suite fabric.   I can be you now with projects like this, I would be surprise on the surge of fabric sales for Stampin' Up!


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