Thursday, January 20, 2011

The finished product using the stamp set ________

(January 20, 2011)

Okay, so here's the finished product from our scrapbook club.  When I very first started this page all I could think was yuck!  So...I just kept plugging away and finally I had to stop.  I could easily see where more embellishments and bling would totally rock these 2 pages.  I was thinking, let's add a little dazzling diamonds, a little white embossing, more glitter brads more sponging, on and on.  I really had to stop myself.  After all these ladies at scrapbook club do have families to go home to or jobs the next day! Scrapbook club is suppose last for approximately 2 hours now all crazy night long. 

For our scrapbook club, we sit around my table in the kitchen.  There's only 6 of us so we can do that.  You see, my table is big, very big and it sits pretty comfortable.  The thing I love about my scrapbook club ladies is the closeness.  It's just the 6 of us so we talk.  We really talk!  Oh, but we scrap too!!  Enough rambling....

Now here's a trick for you!  If you can name the stamp set (the word SNOW) that I used in the scrapbook page below, I'll send you some yummy blog candy!

So, now that you've seen our January scrapbook club project, tell me what you think.  Of course, you'll have to tell me on my home page!!!  Oh...and don't forget to tell me what stamp set the word "SNOW" (in the picture) is in and I'll send you some yummy blog candy!


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